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DX 2527

The DX 2527 Base Radio replaces the DX 22B

and includes the following improvements: 

  • METERING A modulation scale (for use on AM only) has been added to the signal meter. Markings have been added to the signal, power output and SWR scales to make them easier to use. Also, positioning of the two meters has been reversed for ease of use -- the SWR/POWER meter is now on the left, and the SIGNAL/MODULATION meter is on the right, closer to the frequency display.
  • RX/TX INDICATOR The LED above the power switch is green during receive and red during transmit.
  • TALK BACK CIRCUIT The new Talk Back circuit has a volume control with an "on/off" switch so that it can be used at any time. This is convenient when testing new microphones. The audio signal available on the main PC board is not very strong, so the Talk Back is not very loud even at maximum. However, it is sufficient for most applications.

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