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DX 2517

The new DX 2517 Base Radio replaces the DX 11B

However, it is not simply an upgraded DX 11B. The DX 2517 does not have the familiar main PC board used in the DX 11B and all of our mobile radios. This is the first model using the next generation main board.


  • Increased frequency stability for improved sideband operation
  • Increased sensitivity on both AM and SSB
  • Conventional parts (instead of surface mount parts) are still used for ease of service


  • NOISE FILTER CIRCUIT A unique Noise Filter circuit increases signal-to-noise ratio on weak signals. This circuit is in addition to the Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter circuits.
  • TALK BACK CIRCUIT Talk Back volume can be set to any level or turned off altogether.
  • DISPLAY Digits for both channel and frequency displays have been moved forward for improved viewing angle.
  • METERING A modulation scale (for use on AM only) has been added to the signal meter. Markings have been added to the signal, power output and SWR scales to make them easier to use. Also, positioning of the two meters has been reversed for ease of use -- the SWR/POWER meter is now on the left, and the SIGNAL/MODULATION meter is on the right, closer to the frequency display.
  • RX/TX INDICATOR The LED above the power switch is green during receive and red during transmit.

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