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For nearly ten years, amateur radio operators have been using our radios on the 10 Meter band. Now, we are expanding our horizons. In addition to serving the amateur community, we have developed two new feature-packed radios for the Citizens Band.

Please note that these are not "me too" clones of whatever was popular last month. Both of these models have features that CB radios should have had for years. No doubt they will be copied by those less creative. For now, these features are Galaxy exclusives:

  • Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales:
    1. "S" Meter Scale indicates up to 60 dB over S9
    2. Modulation Percentage Scale for use on AM
    3. Power Scale calibrated for AM and SSB
    4. SWR Scale
  • Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure)
  • "Talkback" Circuit with On/Off Switch and Volume Control
  • Variable Power Output Control
  • Roger Beep with On/Off Switch and LED Indicator
  • Galaxy Noise Filter for use on weak signals
  • High SWR Alert LED Indicator
Both radios are covered by a two year warranty which we believe is one of the best in the industry.
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We are honored that the Galaxy DX 959 was chosen

for the LOAD AMERICA™ Tours America road trip.

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