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DX 949 and DX 959 Adjustments

According to CB Rule 24 (b):

"You are responsible for the proper operation of the station at all times and are expected to provide for observations, servicing and maintenance as often as may be necessary to ensure proper operation. You must have all internal repairs or internal adjustments to your CB transmitter made in accordance with the Technical Regulations (See Subpart E). The internal repairs or internal adjustments should be performed by or under the immediate supervision and responsibilty of a person certified as technically qualified to perform transmitter maintenance and repair duties in the private land mobile services and fixed services by an organization or committee representative of users in those services."

  1. VR 1....AM S-Meter
  2. VR 2....SSB S-Meter
  3. VR 3....SSB Squelch Range
  4. VR 4....AM Squelch Range
  5. VR 6.....SSB Carrier Balance
  6. VR 7....TX Offset
  7. VR 9....RF Meter
  8. VR10...Final Bias
  9. VR12...Driver Bias
  10. VR13...SSB ALC
  11. VR14...AM High Power
  12. VR15...AM Modulation Meter
  13. VR16...AM Modulation
  14. VR17...SSB Power
  15. VR18...AM Low Power
  16. VC1....10.240